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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


While we were charging in Lodz we tried to find a hotel which had a parking
garage and a power socket inside the garage. goingelectric, Plugshare and
chargemap didn't show anything, so we called a bunch of hotels (the bigger
ones) which either didn't know or didn't have it. Then on electromaps we
found an entry for the Hilton hotel in Warsaw. It said 230V 32A. To confirm
we tried to call them for an hour but no one ever picked up. So we simply
made a reservation and drove there. On Plugshare we saw that there was a
public 22 kW Type 2 public charger available directly next to the hotel, so
that was good for backup purposes. Once in the garage we talked to the
supervisor but he didn't understand so good, then took us to the connected
casinos' concierge. She translated and he said that they don't have any
power sockets. I didn't really believe it and so we drove around the garage
eagle-eyed and found a single lonely 400V 16A red plug! Yoohoo! Plugged in
and told the supervisor to have a look. He looked a bit surprised and asked
how long we want to leave it like this. I said until the next morning and
he said OK. That's the story for today. Good night.

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