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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Supercharger Vierumäki, Finland

New country: Finland! We're now at the first Supercharger since Moscow,
after 352 km driven on the last charge, 62,5 kWh taken out of the battery,
177 Wh/km, remaining 48 km. Yes, we drove a little faster today, around 100
km/h or a bit more at times. We'll stay in Helsinki and take the ferry to
Sweden tomorrow, then drive home via Denmark (instead of taking the ferry
directly to Germany, as originally planned). By the way, we've driven our
4000th km on this trip today. Again by the way: There was a small crash
today, at the border. The car behind us was parked, all of us waiting for
the next bunch of cars to be allowed through, then the lane to the right
got moving and she accelerated and wanted to get into the lane to the
right, hitting a car that was approaching from behind. 50 cm more and she
would have hit us. No one was hurt, low speed, but a nice dent in the other
cars door and some scratches. PPS: Marlies, the border crossing
Belarus-Russia was really nothing. Just a quick passport check and that was
it. Belarus did the most work for the Russians already. :-)

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  1. Ha! Thanks for answering that :) Never been that way east, so it's hard to imagine what the borders and overall atmosphere is like nowadays. And glad you weren't hit in that little accident!