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Monday, July 18, 2016

Vyshny Volochyok

We had to search for another place to get more juice. Asked more shops etc.
and found a car repair shop in Vyshny Volochyok, who, without much
discussion offered us to plug in for as long as we needed. Awesome friendly
and kind people! It's 15:00 now, we slept a couple of hours in the car with
customers taking pics of us and the car :-) and it's 408 km to St.
Petersburg. 1 hour left until the car is fully charged and we'll search for
some food now. By the way, we drove 460 km on the last charge (Moscow SuC)
and had about 55 km left, so we could have made more than 500 km. Nice. But
we were driving even slower than 90 km/h yesterday. Also, I think the
pouring rain at the previous charging stop killed the UMC, it just shows a
red light when plugged in and we had to use the NRGkick to be able to

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