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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Moscow Supercharger

We made it! We arrived around 20:00 at the Moscow Supercharger! It's still
kind of private and the guard to the golf resort where the charger is
located first had to check with the owner or somebody if it's ok to let us
through. He asked where we came from and when we said we came from Germany
to charge here he was amused. :-) Today we drove 404 km with one charge,
at a steady 90 km/h, with air conditioning off, consumed 59,8 kWh and our
consumption was 148 Wh/km. The amazing part is that we had 75 km of range
left! And the range-consumption ratio grew the farther we drove, so we
could have driven another 80-85 km probably. Wow! Never driven so far with
one charge but also never this slow (which was really nice by the way).

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