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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

St. Petersburg

Last night we arrived with 38 km left in St. Petersburg. We drove 438 km on
that charge and the consumption was 65,1 kWh / 149 Wh/km. Since there are
some public chargers available in St. Petersburg we didn't depend on
charging at the hotel but when booking it online I mentioned that it would
be nice if there was a charging possibility for our electric car. Even
220/230V (= really slow charging) would be fine because we are staying 2
days. What can I say: In Russia, you don't find charger, charger finds you!
;-) Meaning: When we woke up we got notified that now there is a charging
possibility for us. We went to the car and found this electrician
installing a 400V 32A socket (the fastest possible!) for us! Wow! Wow!
Again wow. Pics of the charger and the guy installing it. The price for
charging is 1500 RUB (about 20 EUR). The most expensive charge to date but
it's ok under these conditions. :-)

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