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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Minsk #2

Around 15:00 we started to search for a red plug (that means a power socket
with 380/400V, 3-phase, 16A or 32A, which gives about 55 km respectively
110 km of range per hour). First, we asked again at the reception (even
Schuko - really really slow - would have been fine if it would be directly
at the hotel, but they weren't really sure so they simply said no and
blocked instead of doing their research. Then we looked around the hotel by
ourselves: There was a paper press operated by the store directly next to
the hotel, and a free 16A red plug. Happiness! Well, at first. The guy
operating the press said we could use it, then changed his mind because his
supervisor wasn't around. But we could come again next day and talk to his
boss. Next try: a 24x7 car wash some meters away. They were open-minded and
called their boss immediately but he refused. 3rd try: Checked a parking
garage. No plugs, nothing. 4th try: Asked guy at another parking garage.
Didn't understand/care/seem to trust us, so refused. Then we drove around a
bit and found a car repair shop. The guy called his boss and the boss said
no, too risky or something because of the coming thunderstorm. Hrm. But he
pointed us to another repair shop next door and bingo, 6th try: red plug
16A available and boss willing to let us charge. But only for 2 hours until
they close. Hrmpf. If we could come back next morning? Sure. But we should
try first if it works at all. He was afraid his shop would burn down
because of us. Anyway, Lena and I had some misunderstanding and to make a
looong story short: We tried to drive into the place, which wasn't
accessible from the nearby car shop, so we went around 4 corners and then
an odyssee through Minsk began. We never managed to find the place again.
To be continued in the next posting.

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