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Monday, July 18, 2016


Adventure we asked for and adventure we got. We left Moscow towards St.
Petersburg last evening around 20:00. We had planned to start looking for a
place to charge (hotel, gas station) at a red plug once we hit 200 km
remaining range. The idea was to charge for a few hours and make it to
Veliky Novgorod and get a hotel there. But it came different. We were
driving on a toll-road between Zizino and Kolomno called M-11. On a length
of 50 km there is not a single exit, no gas station, nothing. Once you are
on the road you cannot leave it again. Like in a tunnel slide. Anyway, we
reached the end of the road and Lena made a wrong turn, bringing us again
back on the toll-road, this time back towards Moscow as Marliesje and Micha
noted. :-) And we couldn't turn back! So, we ended up back near Torzhok,
with about 55 km range left, desperately looking for a place to charge (we
had just wasted 100 km without any opportunities). After talking to car
parts sales stores, restaurants and gas stations we found a car repair shop
and the guy there opened for us and plugged us into a red plug. Phewww. You
can see the place on 2 of the attached pics (the other 2 are from Moscow).
We slept a bit in the car under pouring rain and flashes in the sky and had
to leave at 08:30 because the guy made us (people coming in to work). We
left with about 175 km of range, driving up north again, this time not
taking the toll-road. :-)

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