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Saturday, July 16, 2016


It was like 350 km from Minsk to Smolensk, where the next destination
charging possibility (a hotel with 400V 16A plug) is. So, doable with one
charge if you drive slow, and so we did. Anyway, I didn't like that there
is no known charging possibility in any of the public databases (Plugshare
etc.) in between so I said let's check out Orscha, which is kind of in the
middle of these two cities. We stopped for a hotdog and when we came back
to the car we found these two young Tesla fans checking out our car. We
talked and gave them a quick test drive and acceleration test. :-) Next,
we drove up to a hotel on the outskirts of the city which we saw earlier
and asked for a red plug. Nope. But I found a Schuko outside, better than
nothing. Anyway, some more asking at the directly connected restaurant and
bingo, after 10 minutes the manager allowed us to charge at their 400V 32A
(wow!) red plug. My NRGkick cable was only 5 meters and that was not enough
to the car, so I couldn't utilize the whole 22 kW. Instead I used an
adapter chord from 32A to 16A which I had bought back at home from and then plugged into the UMC. Pic of Alex, the
manager, his wife/girlfriend (also a manager) and myself. We charged
basically only for fun and less than 5 kWh and they didn't accept any money
from us. But they said other electric car drivers are welcome in the future
and I should add their location to the charging databases, and so it shall
be. :-)


  1. Markus, you must check in, this restaurant in Plugshare ;)

    1. Artur, yes, definitely will do it, soon! :)