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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The journey is over - last post

We came back to Germany on Sunday, exactly after 14 days and 6010 km driven. Consumed 1153 kWh / 192 Wh/km. Visited 7 countries. Paid 25 EUR for transport/charging (50 Zloty / 11 EUR at the hotel-restaurant in Poland and 2x 500 Rubles at car repair shops in Russia, about 7 EUR each). That's about 0,4 Cents per km. Versus approximately 460 EUR for gasoline (Diesel), considering German prices and 7 liter consumption / 100 km. If we had exclusively charged at home it would have cost us 334 EUR instead (29 Cents per kWh).

Anyway, it was an awesome trip, lots of impressions in a short time and some pioneer feeling as well. And a bit of adventure too. First Western European Tesla at Moscow Supercharger = mission accomplished.

Thanks to everyone for checking the blog and see you soon. :)

Lastly a quick animation of the driven track / recorded GPS positions:

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Supercharger Lutterberg, Germany

Fell asleep again while charging. Last stop before home.

Supercharger Bispingen, Germany

Fell asleep while charging here. Good morning. Also charged at SuC Busdorf
earlier but forgot to take pics.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Supercharger Rodekro, Denmark

You almost can't see anything so I'm also attaching a pic of a cute pet toy
as compensation. We actually didn't have to charge here or at the previous
one but I thought I'd just visit them all. :-)

Supercharger Middelfart, Denmark

Supercharger Koge, Denmark

Largest SuC I've visited yet: 12 stalls.

Copenhagen #7

Copenhagen #6

Copenhagen #5

Copenhagen #4

Copenhagen #3

Copenhagen #2


Supercharger Lagan, Sweden

At a hotel in the woods.